HL90 Tracing System

The Linatrol HL-90 Optical Tracing System is the system of choice for small-profile cutting machines. Its precision, ease of use, low cost and compact design have made it Linatrol’s number one selling system worldwide.

Like our more than 12,000 satisfied HL-90 Optical Tracer customers, let Linatrol help your business make the cut.

More than 12,000 satisfied HL-90 customers.

The HL-90 Optical Tracing System is a complete motion control system, perfect for small-profile cutting machine applications. The compact tracing unit integrates the tracer and operator controls for ease of operation and provides output connections for two-drive units, as well as a connection to initiate cutting.

Through advanced signal processing technology and a patented rotary scanning device, the HL-90 Optical Tracing System provides consistent, dependable motion control for high-quality profile cutting. With more than 40 years’ experience, Linatrol systems deliver the powerful performance you can depend on. From Westinghouse to Northrop Grumman to Wescan Systems, the Linatrol HL-90 Optical Tracer stands the test of time.

Performance Features

-Universal compact design to suit all small machines.
-All operation controls on one panel.
-Standard system supports speeds up to 1 metre/minute.
-High Power versions to support speeds up to 3 metres/minute.
-Dual speed range on High Power systems.
-Enhanced cornering circuitry for improved low speed tracing on High Power systems.
-Command Mark slowdown option for improved cornering.
-Kerf adjustment to 3 mm.
-CNC compatible – optional interface connection.
-Drives available with optional encoders for CNC operation.


HL-90 Optical Tracer Specifications

-Power:110/115/230 VAC +10%/-15%, 50/60 Hz, single phase with ground connection.
-Tracing Accuracy: +/-0.25 mm deviation from a straight pattern edge.
-Machine Speed: 1, 2 or 3 metres/min may be selected.
-Tracing Speed: square corners to 1 m/min, 1 mm radius corners up to 1.5 m/min, 3 mm radius corners up to 3 m/min.
-Kerf Offset: adjustable for cuts up to 3.0 mm wide.
-Lead: 3 mm standard, others available for special applications.
-Patterns: Silhouette or Line type (minimum line width is 0.6 mm).
-Environment: operating temperature 0°C to +50°C, storage temperature -18°C to +65°C, humidity to 95% (non condensing).